Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Statue Of Liberty Essay -- essays research papers

There are few objects that can be compared to the significance of the figure known as the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the greatest works of its time and still stands today as a meaningful entity of independence to the world. The statue is a great tribute to the concept of global freedom that had its roots in America. It was created to display the worldwide objective of peace and tranquility. The fact that another model of this icon stands today in a world capital shows the effect that this figure has inscribed upon the world. In addition, it represents the ideas that the United States was built upon and those that the people have lived by to this very day. Its most paramount features in its role through American history are its creation and history, the characteristics the statue possesses, and its symbolic relevance on the world. The creation of the statue was one of the most complex processes that she went through throughout her long life. The honor of the inception of the statue was given to Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor who specialized in the arts. Bartholdi acquired his success early in his life at the tender age of nineteen. He was often the subject of scorn and contempt by fellow artists, but never allowed himself to be put down by their petty insults. His true potential was indeed revealed through the creation of the statue. The statue was not a project without problems. It had a late start, considering that it was supposed to be completed in time for the one-hundredth birthday of the United States. A substantial number of delays also threatened the effectuation by the deadline. One of the more considerable problems was money. The Statue almost never lived to see New York harbor due to lack of fun... ...ction to this day was considered insignificant, as the entire country seemed to have lost their minds in anticipation for such an exciting event. Liberty was greeted with enthusiasm and exhilaration. The President himself had shown up for the joyous occasion. Congress had accepted the proposal to keep Liberty as a lighthouse and opened the treasury to New York. Many important people and dignitaries had turned up for the milestone moment. Furthermore, it was a distinguished historical occurrence, marking the 110th birthday since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. France was regarded as the United States? sister republic in the East. As President Grover Cleveland said to the people of America, ?Reflected thence and joined with answering rays, a steam of light shall pierce the darkness of ignorance and man?s oppression until Liberty enlightens the world.?

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